About WLB Grooming

The Quality Care Your Pet Deserves

Since 2010, WLB Grooming has been providing professional and reliable luxury services that pet owners can count on. We are a Latinx, Queer and female founded company providing alternative luxury that is passionate about animal care. With over decades of experience and training, we understand the expectations of all pet parents.

That’s why we’ve dedicated our life to ensuring every animal is safe & happy in every situation — providing real solutions to the most common problems pet owners face. Still, we are always learning about new care techniques and pride ourself on improving our skill set so that we can be the best luxury dog groomers local to NoHo Art District. Contact us today to get started. 

Our Policy's:

*As of October 1st new pricing for all clients will go into effect, and our new pricing for Oodle mixes will go into effect. Please know with rasing prices we are attempting to make livable wages for our employees.

*All Clients must put down a vaild Credit Card to book. Any appointment made with not a vaild credit card will be taken off the appointment book within 48 hours.

*Dematting - All services come with. a brush out, anything beyond is a $1.00 for every Minute 

*Late Policy - Once it is past your appointment time a late fee is automatically added, and then added every 5 mins after. Once at 15 minutes we may not be able to accept your appointment any longer*

*Cancellation policy - Cancellations or reschedules must be done 48 hours piror - $50.00 or half the groom will be charged rescheduling. If you call, and do not leave a message you will be charged.  No show and same day cancellations will be charged Full Price

*We no longer accept the pink coupon - Please ask about our new client discount*

*Last appointments taken are at 2:00PM. Closing times may vary sooner than 5:30PM. Closing is when the last dog is finished and picked up. Day Care fee's will be appiled after closing $2.00 for every minute. 

*We do not negotiate pricing or policy's.

Business Hours

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